ENG101 First-Year Composition
Fall 2004 Online Sections

  • all course requirements can be completed online;
  • except for one orientation session, there are no on campus meetings;
    read more about online courses.

Course Information                    Instructor Email
        Section 2190                         Schwalm
        Section 2191                         DeSoto
        Section 2192                         Schwalm
        Section 2193                         Schwalm
        Section 2194                         Brooks

Fall 2004 Hybrid Sections

  • half or more of the course requirements can be completed at a distance;
  • course requires a weekly, on-campus meeting with instructor and classmates; read more about Hybrid Courses.

Course Information                                        Instructor Email
     Section 2162     HT2-155   T   10-11:15 A        Instructor: DeSoto
     Section 2165     HT2-155   R   10-11:15A        Instructor: Lane
     Section 2170     HT2-155   T   11:30-12:45       Instructor: DeSoto
     Section 2171     HT2-155   R   11:30-12:45      Instructor:  Menon
     Section 5781     HT2-151   M   5:45-7:00P       Instructor:  Chatterjee
     Section 5782     HT2-151   W   5:45-7:00P      Instructor:  Chatterjee

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