Sequences for Reading, English and ESL Courses

Students must take the ASSET, COMPASS, or ACCUPLACER test or the CELSA placement test before enrolling in English or Reading courses. Appropriate placement in a course is determined by the student's Writing, Reading and ESL Course Placement Scores.  The English Department recognizes course equivalences and allows students to go back and forth between ESL courses and ENG courses until they reach the ENG 101/102 and ENG 107/108 block.  English courses ENG 071, ENG 081, ENG 091, ENG101, and ENG102 may not be taken concurrently; they are to be taken sequentially.

Reading Course Sequence   English Course Sequence   ESL Course Sequence
CRE101 Critical & Evaluative Reading   ENG102  First Year Composition
ENG111 Technical Writing
  ENG108  First Year Composition for ESL
RDG091 College Reading Skills   ENG101 First Year Composition
(ENG 101 must be followed by ENG 102/111)
  ENG107 First Year Composition for ESL (ENG107 must be followed by ENG 108)
RDG081 Reading Improvement   ENG 091 Fundamentals of Writing   ESL 097 Fundamentals of Writing
RDG071 Basic Reading   ENG 081 Fundamentals of Writing   ESL 087 Basic Writing Skills
  ENG071 Fundamentals of Writing   ESL077 Language Skills: Speaking and Writing Standard English


Testing Centers
The Testing Center at GCC Main is located in TDS-118 on the south side of campus. View a Campus Map. View the Course Placement Testing Schedule.

The Testing Center at GCC North is located in the C (Chinle) Building.  View a map.

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  ESL071 Advanced Pronunciation and Oral Reading for ESL
  ESL040 & ESL041 & ESL042  & RDG040
English as a Second Language IV
  ESL030 & ESL031 & ESL032  & RDG030
English as a Second Language III
  ESL051 Pronunciation Improvement for ESL Speakers
ESL020 & ESL021 & ESL022  & RDG020
English as a Second Language II
  ESL010 & ESL011 & ESL012 & RDG010
English as a Second Language I
  Non-credit ESL classes are available through the Center for Learning.



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