CRW Program of Study
Required Courses: 24 credits

Download our 2011 CRW Program brochure (.pdf)

The Creative Writing Program originated within the Maricopa Community College District at Phoenix College and is a shared educational opportunity available through all sister District colleges. Creative-writing courses taken at any District college are transferable; only six of the required 24 credits to be applied toward the Academic Certificate in Creative Writing must be earned from Glendale Community College, offering writers tremendous flexibility in course scheduling and convenience.

Students pursuing the Academic Certificate in Creative Writing are to select from the following prescribed courses:

CRW 150 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
(ENG 210 may be substituted for CRW 150 with permission of the program director)
3 credits
CRW 155 Bilingual Creative Writing (3) 3 credits
CRW 200 Readings for Writers (1) (CRW 200 must be repeated for a total of two credits) 2 credits
CRW 201 Portfolio (1) 1 credits
  Total Credits 9 credits

Students must complete six (6) credits from Series I and nine (9) credits from Series II in consultation with the program director.

Series I
Students must complete two (2) of the following courses for a total of six (6) credits. 

CRW 120 Introduction to Writing Children's Literature (3)  
CRW 160 Introduction to Writing Poetry (3)  
CRW 170 Introduction to Writing Fiction (3) (ENG183 may be substituted for CRW 170)  
CRW 180 Introduction to Writing Nonfiction (3)  
CRW 190 Introduction to Screenwriting (3)  
THE 118  Playwriting (3)  
  Total Credits 6 credits

Series II
Students must complete three (3) of the following courses for a total of nine (9) credits. 

CRW 202 The Writer as Witness (3)  
CRW 203 Dialogue (3)  
CRW 204 Journaling (3)  
CRW 220 Intermediate Writing Children's Literature (3)  
CRW 260 Intermediate Poetry  
CRW 261 Topics in Writing: Poetry (3)  (ENG 205 may be substituted for CRW 261)  
CRW 270 Intermediate Fiction Writing (3)  
CRW 271 Topics in Writing: Fiction (3)  
CRW 272 Planning and Structuring the Novel (3)  
CRW 273 Writing the Novel (3)  
CRW 274 Revising the Novel (3)  
CRW 275 Writing the Mystery Story (3)  
CRW 281 Topics in Writing: Non-Fiction (3)  
CRW 290 Intermediate Screenwriting (3)  
CRW 291 Topics in Writing: Plays (3)  
  Total Credits 9 credits

Restricted Electives: 3 credits

CRW+++ Any CRW Creative Writing prefixed course 1-3 credits not listed under the Required Courses area 
ENG 217 Personal and Exploratory Writing (3)
ENG 219 Life Stories (3)
ENG 235 Magazine Article Writing (3)
ENG 236 Magazine Writer’s Workshop (3)
ENG/THE 260 Film Analysis (3)
ENH+++ Any ENH English Humanities prefixed course (3)
THE/HUM 210 Contemporary Cinema (3)
THE 220 Modern Drama (3)
THP/COM 241 Introduction to Oral Interpretation (3)
THP/COM 243 Interpreter's Theatre
Total Credits 3 credits

How to Apply
Contact faculty member David Nelson at 623.845.4775 or email david.nelson@gccaz.eduto discuss your intent to apply. Applicants will submit a portfolio of typed, prose double-spaced work samples that include:

  • 10 to 15 page manuscript of original work in at least two genres; submit three copies of the manuscript.   Title individual pieces and number the pages.

  • One letter of recommendation from a teacher, employer or someone who is familiar with the applicant’s writing.

  • A one-page letter of intent describing the applicant’s reasons for applying, experience and goals as a writer.

  • A cover sheet that includes the applicant’s name, address, phone number, e-mail, and the titles of the creative work included in the portfolio.

   For information, contact Johnnie Clemens May, M. F. A.
Coordinator, GCC Creative Writing Program, Phone:
623-845-3538, HT2-111, GCC Main campus

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