Frequently Asked Questions about Hybrid Courses

What is a Hybrid course?
Hybrid classes are a combination of online and classroom instruction.  We like to think of a hybrid class as very similar to an online class, but with face-to-face support  Students and teacher work online online via the Internet, but they also meet part of the time --usually one day a week-- in the classroom.  We think this format gives students the best of both worlds--the Internet and the classroom--and at the same time, allows more flexibility.  Our experience has been that these classes will require you to be "in attendance" the same amount of time as your regular classes do . . . but that they give you (and your teacher) more flexibility in how that time is used. 

Who can take a Hybrid class?
Anyone who has been admitted to Glendale Community College and has met the individual prerequisites for that particular class can enroll in a Hybrid course.

How should I prepare to succeed in a Hybrid courses?
To succeed in a Hybrid course:

  • You must attend the regularly scheduled class sessions on campus.
  • You must have the time (at least 6 to 8 hours a week) to learn writing skills.
  • You must be comfortable using computers and learning new software.
  • You must have time to access the web several times a week;
  • You must read assignments and directions carefully;
  • You must turn in assignments on time;
  • You must be organized and like to work independently;
  • Most importantly, you must be self-motivated in order to succeed in a Hybrid course.

Are Hybrid courses designed for specific students?
The Hybrid courses are designed for:

  • busy, commuting students who can replace some on-campus time with online study.
  • students who wish to retain the value of personal contact with the instructor and other students, instead of a solely distance education experience.
  • students interested in active and participatory learning, both in the classroom and online.

Are there any requirements for a Hybrid course?
Yes. To participate in Hybrid courses, you must attend the regular classes on campus.  You also must have access to the Internet for the online portion of the class.  Most students use a home computer with Internet access.  Computers with Internet access are also available for students to use in the GCC High Tech Centers.

Are there any prerequisites for Hybrid courses?
Yes. Students must take the ASSET placement test.  A score of 41 or better places a student in ENG101, and a score of 40 or below places a student in ENG071.  Students must have completed ENG101 with a grade of C or better to register for ENG102. Click here to learn more about course placement testing.

I am not very proficient in the use of computers, but I am still interested in the Hybrid style of learning. Can I still enroll?
The College supports your learning of computer skills in many ways. Computer classes and keyboarding classes are available to assist you. Staff in computer labs such as the High Tech Center are available to help you as well. Your instructor will provide more information in class about the opportunities GCC offers for you to enhance your computer skills.

Will I be working on my own?
No. You will be working closely with the instructor and the students in your class, just as you would in a traditional classroom. But you will also learn to work online, both independently and with others.  Depending upon the course, you may interact in an electronic classroom and learn skills such as participation in the class through online discussions or forums, collaborations through group work, and working and taking responsibility in a team for class projects.  You will not be on your own, but you will need to learn good organizational and time-management skills to be successful as a hybrid student.

Can Hybrid course credits be applied as credit towards my Degree/Certification just like a traditional course?
Yes. Hybrid course credits apply toward degree, certificate, and transfer in the same way that classroom-based courses do. In addition, by taking a Hybrid course, you will gain computer literacy skills that will be valuable in other coursework and in your workplace.

What if I have a problem?
Your instructor will provide help with learning writing skills and learning computer skills you may need to succeed in your class.  You will be given directions on how to access the course website and use GCC student email and online course discussion areas.  Additionally, for technical help, students may call the Student Help Desk at 623-845-HELP (4357) or send an email message to:

Check Your Potential for Success in a  Hybrid Class

Check the statements that describe you.

I have access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection.
I know how to use my computer.
I can type and know how to use my word processing program.
I can learn to do things by reading instructions.
I like to get to know my instructor and classmates.
I ask my instructor or classmates for help when I have a problem or question.
I donít mind writing because I can think about what I want to say before I write it.
I am self-motivated and can set schedules for myself (and stick to them).
My work or family duties make it hard for me to attend regular classes on campus.

If most of these statements describe you, then you may have found the perfect learning environment in a Hybrid course.  If these statements do not describe you, then a regular campus class is probably a better choice for you than a Hybrid class.



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