Consider an English Major

What can I do with a major in English? A degree with an emphasis in English prepares students for many careers. The ability to communicate clearly and directly is a key to career advancement in all aspects of business, government, and community service. Visit GCC Career Services for more information.

Departmental Recommendations

The following courses are generally required for a baccalaureate degree in English:

ENG101 First Year Composition (3)
ENG102 First Year Composition (3)
ENG200 Reading and Writing about Literature (3)
ENG216 Persuasive Writing on Public Issues (3) or
ENG217 Personal and Exploratory Writing (3)
ENH221 Survey of English Literature Before 1800 (3)
ENH222 Survey of English Literature After 1800 (3)
ENH241 American Literature Before 1860 (3)
ENH242 American Literature After 1860 (3)

Note: ENG107 and ENG108, First Year Composition for ESL, may be substituted for ENG101 and ENG102.

The following courses are also highly recommended:

ENH201 World Literature Through the Renaissance (3)
ENH202 World Literature After the Renaissance (3)
ENH251 Mythology (3)

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Career Fields

Business, Journalism, Marketing
Development of critical reading and writing skills are excellent preparation for careers in marketing, public relations, business, professional writing and editing, journalism and media areas.

Government, Law, Public Service
An emphasis on the communication of ideas prepares students for public sector jobs in government, military, diplomacy, administration, international service, law, and community work, among other areas.

Teaching careers at the secondary and adult level require a specialization such as English, and the degree requirements can be completed at ASU-West.