Ruth's Remarkable Parodies

Ruth Callahan writes a lyrical parody every month to inspire her colleagues to dig deeply and pay a dollar to our secretary, Dawn, for the benefit of the department scholarship fund.  For their dollar, the English teachers have the privilege of wearing the department t-shirt for the day and become a part of the Purple Crush.  Ruth's creative talents have unleashed some remarkable and memorable songs and poetry that sent many faculty members sliding off their chairs and onto their office floors in uncontrolled laughter.  We've archived a few here for your pleasure.

Not EXACTLY tall and tan and young and lovely...  (3/25/09)
Strangely in our T's, exchanging glances  (2/25/09)
Someday wearing our t-shirts  (1/29/09)
Thanks for the Memory (4/30/2008)
Get Ready, 'cause here it comes (3/26/08)
Oh, what a beautiful Friday (2/27/2008)
Que sera, sera! It’s the t that will be!  (1/23/2008)
No Shirt's Cooler than Mine  (11/28/2007)
Witchy Woman  (10/25/07)
Shirts!  (9/26/2007)
Cowbells, anyone?  (8/29/2007)
Haiku (3/28/2007)
Gypsies, Tramps and T's  (2/20/2007)
I wish they all could be wearing purple ts  (12/06/06)
MarTy Pants  (10/25/06)
Cite Detective  By Russ Sears (9/27/06)
Stand by Your T  (8/23/06)
Puttin' on the T's  (4/27/2006)
It's in Our Shirts   (3/30/2006)
We Wear the T  (2/22/2006)
The T-Shirt Bash  (10/29/2005)
Big B, Big Bad B  (9/29/2005)
Well, I've been gradin up a storm...   (4/21/05)
Ms. Ruthie regrets...   (3/30/2005)
What good is fussing about what to wear?  (2/25/2005)
I've Got You Over my Skin  (1/26/2004)
Ever since my mid-life crisis  (12/ 2/ 2004)
Purple Tees (Autumn Leaves)   (12/2/2004)
I'm Singing in my Shirt   (10/28/2004)
Tee, Tee, Tee (Fun, Fun, Fun)   (9/23/2004)
Purple T's So Fine  (8/24/2004)
There's a purple shirt in Glendale (8/16/2004)
All I want is a shirt to wear from My Fair Lady  (4/23/2004)
Clampett on this Friday(3/25/2004)
"English Gang" by Ruthie O'Callahan   (2/26/2004)
I heard it through the grapevine by Wruthie! (1/28/2004)
My Favorite Things from Sound of Music by Ruth (9/25/2003) Got My Tee Shirt On Again by Patty Hanes and The Fruit of the Loom Singers, aka Pat Haas (10/22/2003)
That's a t-shirt!  (That's Amore) by Ruth and John  (11/20/2003)
The T-shirt Song  (“Day-o”)
On First Dressing up in the Department's Honor
The Lay of the Best T-shirts
On First Hearing of Marla's Honor
"The Endorsement of the Scholarships" (“The Death of Sennacherib”)
T-shirts – The Beautiful!
The Purple T
The Barefaced Cheek
Shirt Fever
16 Texts
The Shirt Not Chosen
Assorted Christmas Nonsense!
Glendale College Blues
“My Guy”
The T-shirt Bash  (“The Monster Mash”)
There is nothin’ like our T!
Stand up; You’re Wearin’ the Shirt
Once more into the shirts - for Pat!
The Tell-tale Shirt
Poe taste
The Old Bag and the T