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Topics for Writing 

These writing topic suggestions are intended to assist faculty and students in selecting appropriate topics for various writing assignments. Each topic has numerous links to web sites which provide resources and information about the topic. Read our introduction to GCC's library or connect directly to the library to find additional materials on these topics. Use the Web Search to find more information on the World Wide Web.

Index of Topics
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Self Assessment: A Tool for Achieving Career Goals
The job search process begins with an identification of your values, interests, skills, accomplishments, experience and goals. How can you seek a position if you don't know what you want from a job and what you have to offer prospective employers?  Self-assessment, though a time-consuming process, provides invaluable information to facilitate career decisions and to prepare you to market your background effectively.

Tests or scales have been developed to aid in the process of self-assessment. Click on the name of the test to take the test and have it scored in Netscape:

After completing one, or more, of the tests, analyze the results to form a description of your own personality. Do the results from the test(s) confirm or conflict with how you would have described yourself before taking the test(s)? Do the tests seem accurate or useful? Why? Read more about personality testing in the following links:

Propaganda and Advertising
What are the differences between propaganda and advertising? Do they use different strategies and techniques? Do they have different goals?

Describing Other Places and Times
Letters are one form of evidence we can use to construct descriptions of people and events. They can help us understand what it was like to be a soldier in the mid-nineteenth century or a traveler in early California. What problems might a historian encounter in constructing a narrative of the career of a Civil War soldier? What was California like then? How are people and places similar or different, then and now?

Documents for Summary and Analysis
"Think tanks" like the Rand Corporation produce research reports on issues of public policy. While these reports are already summaries of longer pieces, they can be shortened further for some audiences. What might be the effects or implications of the findings in these reports?

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