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The Paul Pair Endowed Chair Award

Paul M. Pair, Sc.D.

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Recipients of the Paul Pair Endowed Chair Award

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"I hope to go on learning and learning as long as I am on this earth."
Shirley Petras
1992-93 Recipient of the Paul Pair Endowed Chair
for Integrating Technology into Education Award

Shirley Petras, because of her vision and commitment to innovation throughout her academic career, became the second recipient of the Paul Pair Endowed Chair Award.

Shirley's constant efforts to integrate technology into education have included development of many new courses, both structured and open entry/open exit. She has developed curricula for commercial microcomputer courses, mid-range computer programming courses, and entire instructional programs.

As Occupational Program Coordinator for CIS/BPC, Shirley has enabled students to better schedule their classes to benefit from a controlled in-class lab. She has authored TESTER, a computerized test presentation program used by many GCC faculty. Her development of INFORM (Instructional Network for Faculty On-line Record Management) has helped to maximize instructional efficiency.

A portion of the award funds have been used to buy time -- time to learn about UNIX operating system. Shirley now teaches an open entry/open exit course in UNIX in response to the request from business. More of her purchased time has enabled her to learn more about the mid-range IBM AS/400, donated to GCC by IBM in expectation that GCC would develop courses using it. Shirley has developed an OE/OE course which introduces users to the world of the AS/400 and its built-in database. Buying more time to explore multimedia is the next use of the remaining award money.

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