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The Paul Pair Endowed Chair Award

Paul M. Pair, Sc.D.

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Recipients of the Paul Pair Endowed Chair Award

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"Not all students like to learn in this manner, but many do!"
Jill Suydam
1994-95 Recipient of the Paul Pair Endowed Chair
for Integrating Technology into Education Award

Jill Suydam's work in developing a microscale computerized chemistry lab as well as her continued dedication to involve students in learning through technology has earned her the committee's choice for the Paul Pair Endowed Chair award.

Jill's educational background that led her toward her current accomplishments is a B.A. degree in Secondary Education with a Chemistry major and an M.S. in Chemistry, both from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. She has done additional graduate studies in Chemistry at SUNY, Stony Brook and at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Jill has worked as a chemist for government and industry and is currently Chemistry Department Chair at GCC, where she has taught since 1988.

Her work with Marilee Murray to rewrite the chemistry labs to microscale specifications and to redesign a Chemistry lab to utilize computers and microscale equipment led to Glendale Community College's Innovator of the Year award.

Understanding student needs led her to develop the Flex Format program for CHM 130 which allows students to follow a fast, medium, or slow track. These self-paced modules can be adapted to multimedia delivery. It is with award funds that Jill is buying time for the instructional design work necessary to create the multimedia modules which have potential for linkage to each other and for student self-paced learning. In Jill's words, "Ultimately, I would like to design a computerized diagnostic tool which will provide a different point of entry to each module for each student -- a truly customized program!"

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