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GLG231AA, Section 19283: Special Topics in Geology- Spring/Summer, 2011

Volcanoes of Arizona-Flagstaff Area

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Volcanoes of Arizona -- Flagstaff Area, May 14-15, 2011

This course is an excellent opportunity for teachers and non-teachers alike to become more familiar with the geology and landscape of the many volcanoes of north-central Arizona, centered on the Flagstaff area. The class includes a half-day seminar from 8:30a-11:30a on Saturday , May 14, 2011 in PS-167, followed by an overnight field expedition to observe and interpret various volcanic features and phenomena. The spectacular and rare vistas of Stoneman Lake. Sunset Crater, Cinder Lake, SP Crater, and Red Mountain (among others) will be explored with an eye towards the lava flows, volcanic mountains, and craters that these various types of eruptions have produced. During the seminar and field trip, which will be conducted both in English and Spanish, these volcanic landforms will be compared and contrasted with volcanic landforms on Jupiter+s moon lo, the most volcanically active body in the solar system. During the field trip, the class will visit locations pictured in geology and earth science textbooks. Ample opportunities for sample collections (where permitted) and photography will exist and are highly encouraged. Students must pay a lab fee of $25.00. Interested students should contact the instructor, Steve Kadel, email him at s.kadel@gccaz.edu

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Sunset Crater

Red Mountain

SP Crater (USGS Photo)


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