Physical Sciences Department
Home to the Astronomy, Geology, Physics, and Physical Science Programs
The Physical Sciences Department is housed in the Physical Sciences Building on the north side of campus. Click here for a map.
102: Dave Raffaelle- Physics & Dept. Chair
103: Adjunct & Emeritus Faculty Office
Steve Guggino- Geology
Joe Belcher- Geology
Bill Engstrom- Geology
Eric Heim- Astronomy
Mircea Mot- Physics
Debra Joya- Physics
Scott Temple- Physics
104: Conference Room
105: Gary Calderone- Geology
106: Pam Nelson- Geology
107: Steve Kadel- Geology
108: Keith Watt- Astronomy & Physical Science
109: Cheryl Dellai- Physics
110: Brian Gleim- Astronomy
111: On loan to Chemistry Dept.
112: Mary Harris- Physics & Physical Science
113: Sally Watt- Astronomy
114: Department Office- Kris Carr & Mary Willoughby
115: Study & Testing Room
162: Wayne Johnson, Science Lab Coordinator
161: Gwenn Zeigler & Adam Shively, Science Lab Technicians

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