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GLG103- Introduction to Geology I, Physical Geology Lab Manual

Welcome! Although we will be providing lab manuals to students registered for GLG103, these lab exercises may be downloaded in the event that a student's manual is lost or stolen. Additionally, color illustrations are embedded in these files should students wish to embellish the B&W illustrations in the bound lab manuals.
We strongly recommend organizing your lab exercises using a binder or similar so that you will have them to study for any open lab manual exams and the final exam. The front and rear covers contain useful information and should be included in your organized lab binder. The entire manual contains 210 pages (105 double sided pages).
Only students registered in GLG103 will have access to lab manual exercises.. You will need your MEID account information (login name and password) to download these files.
If you are off campus, your computer will need a recent version of the Adobe Reader or other PDF reader to read or print these files.

Note: Some files may require using the "Print as Image" command from your PDF browser to get the correct number of pages shown below. Please print double-sided pages if at all possible. 

Front Cover (2 pages)
Table of Contents (2 pages)
Exercise 1: Plate Tectonics- an Earth Overview (8 pages)
Exercise 2: Minerals and Mineral Properties (22 pages)
Exercise 3: Rock Textures (16 pages)
Exercise 4: Igneous Rocks and Processes (14 pages)
Exercise 5: Sedimentary Rocks and Processes (16 pages)
Exercise 6: Metamorphic Rocks and Processes (10 pages)
Exercise 7: Rock Identification (10 pages)
Exercise 8: Dating Rocks and Structures (16 pages)
Exercise 9: Geologic Maps 1 (20 pages)
Exercise 10: Introduction to Topographic Maps (14 pages)
Exercise 11: Topographic Maps and Contour Lines (10 pages)
Exercise 12 is not used by all instructors- check your syllabus
Exercise 12: Application of Topographic Maps Skills to Geological Problems (8 pages)
Exercise 13: Geologic Maps 2 (12 pages)
Exercise 14: (Option A) North Mountain Field Trip (4 pages)
Exercise 14: (Option B) Thunderbird Park Field Trip (6 pages)
Exercise 14: (Option C) GeoScape (6 pages)
Appendix 1: The Metric System & Scientific Notation (6 pages)
Appendix 2: Field Trip Travel Forms (6 pages)
Rear Cover (2 pages)


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