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Physical Sciences Department Chair: Dave Raffaelle 623.845.3676
Assistant Department Chair for Geology: Gary Calderone 623.845.3654
Administrative Assistant: Kristine Carr 623.845.3675
Administrative Secretary Evenings/Weekends: Mary Willoughby 623.845.4879
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Courses, Degrees & Careers
- Geology Course Descriptions 
- Search for Available Geology (GLG) Courses
- Information for Geology Majors
- Associates of Science Degree in Geology
- Careers in Geology: Geologists Wanted!
Department News & Info
- Faculty Home Pages & Contacts
- Campus Location
- GeoAssist (for help in geology)
- Geologic Time, Structures & Maps Tutorial
- Earth Revealed Videos (best viewed with Firefox)
Geology Field Courses
-- GLG230: Arizona Top to Bottom
Links to the award winning 2008 GLG 230 "Fire and Ice" field class video documentaries:
- "Fire and Ice" Part I
- "Fire and Ice" Part II
- "Fire and Ice" Part III
Geology Field Trip Information
- Virtual Locality
- Geology Extra Credit Field Trips
GLG103 Information
- GLG103 Lab Schedule
- GLG103 Lab Manual
- GLG103 Sunnyslope Quadrangle
- GLG103 Sunnyslope Orthophoto Quadrangle
- Geology Study Puzzles
GLG104 Information
- GLG104 Lab Manual
GLG111 Information
- GLG111 Lab Manual
Exciting Links
- Earth Science and Educational Links
- GCC's On-line Earth Science Image Archive
- Project GeoScape

 The Faculty
Gary Calderone
Steve Kadel
Steve Kadel
Pam Nelson
Pam Nelson
Karrie Wood
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson
P/T - Adjunct
Carol Tichio
P/T Adjunct
joe belcher
Joe Belcher
P/T Adjunct
Wayne Johnson
Bill Engstrom
P/T - Adjunct
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson
Emeritus- Retired
Stan Celestian
Emeritus- Retired

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