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Welcome to GCC's Geology Program! We are research, industry, and academic geologists dedicated to community education. We offer lower division (Freshman/Sophomore) courses in Geology to serve the needs of:

-Geology Majors, Minors, as well as future and in-service Science Teachers- our alumni include geologists in Arizona's Departments of Environmental Quality and Water Resources and the U.S. Geological Survey, geologists in the petroleum and mining industries, engineering geologists in geotechnical consulting firms, professors in universities and community colleges, and K-12 teachers.

-Students needing to satisfy their Arizona General Education Curriculum for their Associates degrees or certificates; or to transfer to Arizona's public universities- many of our courses satisfy SQ and SG science requirements as well as Global and Historical Awareness areas.

-Members of the community interested in geology- from the scale of individual minerals to the solar system itself or anywhere in between.

Our courses are taught, in-person, by experienced geologists with immense collections of minerals, rocks, fossils, and other demonstration materials, and use state of the art instructional technologies. We also take advantage of Arizona's spectacular geologic setting to provide the opportunity for real-time field observation of many geological features. Click here for a short MCCTV documentary of one of our recent field excursions. Although we may pursue other geologic research, our first priority is the education of our students. We are routinely available outside of class time.

In addition to the success of our alumni in the real world, student achievement data show that our traditional approach to geology education is more successful and, in some cases, more valuable than the popular distance learning or 'on-line" courses. Check out this graph and these testimonials from prospective employers.

Check us out- we look forward to helping you appreciate geology!

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