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GLG104- Introduction to Geology II, Historical Geology Lab Manual

Welcome! Prior to each lab, you will need to download and print the appropriate lab exercise. Failure to do so may result in the loss of lab points.

We strongly recommend organizing your lab exercises using a binder or similar so that you will have them to study for any open lab manual exams and the final exam. The front and rear covers contain useful information and should be included in your organized lab binder. The entire manual contains 192 pages (96 double sided pages). Some illustrations may have color but black & white prints are completely acceptable.

Only students registered in GLG104 will have access to lab manual exercises.. You will need your eGCC account information (login name and password) to download these files. Click here for information on how to use your eGCC account.

If you are off campus, your computer will need a recent version of the Adobe Reader to read or print these files. 


Front Cover
Exercise 1: An Overview of Plate Tectonics
Exercise 2: Minerals and Mineral Properties
Exercise 3: Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks & Processes

Note: For Exercise 4, please download the next TWO files:
Exercise 4: Sedimentary Rocks & Textures
Exercise 4: ADDENDUM - Sedimentary Structures

Exercise 5: Radioactive (Absolute) Dating Techniques
Exercise 6: Relative Dating Techniques & Stratigraphic Correlation
Exercise 7: Dating Sequences, Observing Geology Structures and Reading the Grand Canyon's Rock Record
Exercise 8: Simulating the Process of Natural Selection

NOTE: For exercises 9 & 10 you will also need Appendix 2
Exercise 9: Parts 1 & 2 - Geologic History of Arizona and Preservation of Fossils
Exercise 10: Marine Invertebrate Organisms
Exercise 11: Mesozoic Giants - The Dinosaurs
Exercise 12: Parts 1 & 2 - Cenozoic Mammals & Human Evolution

Appendix 2: Identification of Fossils and their Environments
Rear Cover - Time Scale
Field Trip Forms - for traveling with group


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