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Fall Assessment Forum: Underprepared Students - Teaching, Learning and Assessment Challenges
October 2006

Discussion of underprepared student in college courses; Included background on K-12 education, information on ASU intro-level preparation and discussion of college-specific ways to better integrate underprepared students into the college community.

Maricopa - Hire the Best! Workshop
February 2006

Training includes information about how to implement best practices in hiring new faculty and staff in the Maricopa CC system. Diversity issues, hiring preparation issues, and hiring discussions were included. (Necessary to be a member of any future hiring committees).

Spring Assessment Forum:Effective Practices for Using Technology in Assessment
January 2006

Training included discussion of on-line assessment methods as well as application and use of on-line systems such as Blackboard. No training in the on-line systems was included.

District Defensive Driving
August 2004

Required to drive any district vehicle.

Enhancing Student Learning Through Assessment
ASU Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence
June 2003

Training included introduction to and application of a variety of classroom assessment activities for incorporation into large lecture-style classes. Assessment exercises were developed as part of the course.

Enhancing Student Learning Through Critical Thinking
ASU Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence
June 2003

Training focused on the definition of true critical thinking and the design of course assignments that directly assist in the encouragement of critical thinking in first-year students.

Performance-Based Assessment: Papers and Projects
Janice Denton @ Fac Development Event
January 2003

Short training involving discussion of non-test assessment methods for use in "lecture" courses.

Developing Intercultural Competence
Maricopa Diversity - District
September 2002

Training included details on cultural differences that may influence how students learn and how material should be presented to obtain the best results in a diverse student community.

Teaching for Critical Thinking
MCCCD Dialogue Day
October 2001
Wide-breadth discussion of use of Critical Thinking techniques in academic and life work.

ACEPT (Arizona Collaboration for Excellence in Preparation of Teachers)
Summer 1999 Geology Workshop

Included training in using "hands-on" approaches to teaching geology and discussions of new ways to present material using collaborative learning. Based on collaboration with geology peers from other Maricopa Community Colleges, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona Univeristy. Each participant developed a teaching module to be used in the following teaching year.

Introductory GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Training
Offered by Glendale Community college as introduction to enable discussion of beginning certifications programs or courses. One-day training included introduction to ArcView and ArcExplorer as well as tutorials on the usage and expandability of the GIS system.





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