Physical Science Department

Pam Nelson

Geology Instructor

Glendale Community College
Historical Geology Laboratory (GLG 104)

Lab #12

Part I: Giant Terrestrial Mammals of the Cenozoic

Part II: Human Evolution

If you are not enrolled in Geology 104 at GCC and wish to see/use the lab worksheet prepared for this class, please contact Pam.

Part I: Giant Terrestrial Mammals & Their Environment

Exercise 1: Understanding the Ice Age Environment of the Giant Terrestrial Mammals

We will be accessing information on the effects of Ice Ages in North America through pages maintained by the Illinois State Museum.

Exercise 2: A Brief Look at Climate Change

See below, or click here to view the image below at its source...

Exercise 3: Giant Terrestrial Mammals

We'll be examining details about the Giant Terrestrial Mammals of the ice age on a page associated with the site.


Part II: Human Evolution

Access The Long Foreground homepage and follow the directions and questions on your worksheet.


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