Cindy Oplinger Memorial Scholarship


Cindy Oplinger

An endowment was made to Glendale Community College in memory of Cindy Oplinger, Lab Supervisor for GCC's Biology department from 1985 to 2001.

Cindy was trained as a veterinary tech but her desire to learn did not end with the achievement of that goal. During the time she worked at GCC, Cindy obtained a Bachelors Degree in Biology from NAU. And biology was only one of many disciplines that interested her. Cindy was an avid traveller and sports enthusiast. Astronomy fascinated her; she loved to photograph the moon and stars in their different configurations and any and all eclipses. In Africa, she spent an evening taking pictures of the Southern Cross and other constellations of the southern hemisphere. In recognition of her interest in astronomy, her husband, John, bought her star #RA17H31M32SD6°50' in the Ophiuchus constellation, one of her favorite gifts. She was intrigued with quarks, charmed quarks and gluons among other particles and never tired of trying to work out the physics of some phenomenon.

Cindy was quite simply a student of life -- seizing every opportunity as a learning experience. She challenged those around her to question and to grow -- whether it was the "word of the day" (complete with its original literary citation) or finding the inconsistencies on an episode of Voyager, Cindy always had us thinking. Our world is a little brighter for having known her and a little dimmer in her wake.

Awarded to applicants with an interest in any of the sciences whether theoretical or applied. The recipient(s) may use monies for any purpose that directly or indirectly relates to their studies at GCC. Scholarship will be based on financial need as well as the students' desire to better their education.

Amount of scholarship and number of scholarships awarded each year will be determined based on the earnings of the scholarship's endowment. Scholarship will automatically renew for a second semester provided the student has completed a minimum of 8 credit hours with at least a 2.5 grade point average and has shown a growing interest in his/her studies. Recipients may re-apply for an additional scholarship year.

Applicants should submit the following:
  • Online Scholarship Application form, including the following:
    • one letter of reference that attests to strength of character and desire to further education. Letter should come from someone other than a family member.
    • Essay on "Why I want to further my education and how this scholarship will help me to achieve this goal."
  • Resume may subsequently be requested of finalists.
Check this website for the application deadline.

Contact Frances Mateo, 623.845.3147 for additional information.


2011-12 Eva Sisko
2010-11 Sarah Newell
2009-10 Hayley Cardamone
2007-08 Hany Meskelu
2005-06 Alex Ospina
2004-05 Pilar Hyder
Hilary McMurry-Burns
2003-04 Mitzi Monahan
2002-03 Carissa Hersum

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