Huachuca Mountains

18-19 May 2004 Scotia and Sunnyside Canyons

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Hyla wrightorum
Mountain treefrog
Sceloporus sleveni
Slevin's bunchgrass lizard
Meleagris gallopavo
Wild turkey
grass mimic
Paltothemis lineatipes
Red rock skimmer
Sympetrum corruptum
Variegated meadowhawk
Lestes alacer
Plateau spreadwing
Ishnura denticollis
Black-fronted forktail
Argia tezpi
Tezpi dancer
Oligonicella mexicana?
grass mimic
Eremiacris acris
Xanthippus corallipes
Red-shanked grasshopper
Acrididae Acrididae Belostomatidae
Male carrying eggs
Lycus sp.
Net-winged beetle
Epicauta sp. and leafhopper
Cyllopsis pyracmon
Nabokov's satyr
Calophrys gryneus
Siva juniper hairstreak
Phyciodes texana
Texan crescent
Adelpha bredowii
California sister
Limenitis arthemis
Red-spotted purple
Newly emerged
Smerinthus salisceti
Salicet sphinx
All images copyrighted © 2004
by Ryan Sawby