Arizona Reptiles and Amphibians

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Pinal Co.- Agua Fria River at Slate Cr. 17 April 2005
Sauromalus obesus
Common chuckwalla (RWB)
Heloderma suspectum
Gila monster
Dipsosaurus dorsalis
Desert iguana
Callisaurus draconoides
Zebra-tailed lizard
Holbrookia maculata
Lesser earless lizard
Cophosaurus texanus (male)
Greater earless lizard
13 April 2003 Desert Botanical Garden
Sceloporus sleveni
Slevin's bunchgrass lizard
Sceloporus clarkii
Clark's spiny lizard (juvenile)
Sceloporus magister
Desert spiny lizard
Phrynosoma solare
Regal horned lizard
(w/ blood squirted from eye)
Uta stansburiana
Common side-blotched lizard
Urosaurus ornatus
Ornate tree lizard
Aspidocelis tigris
Sonoran desert whiptail
Phrynosoma hernandesi
Greater short-horned lizard
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RWB=Robert Bowker