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Students planning to transfer to a 4-year college or university to major in Biology (or some field in the sciences) may wish to complete an Associate in Science (AS) degree at GCC. If you are undecided as to your transfer institution or specific area of emphasis, the AS degree provides a solid transferable foundation.

All three Arizona state universities, offer a variety of majors in the biological sciences. It is always useful to explore the list of options available to you. The following links provide portals to these programs:

Keep in mind that the course numbering system at the universities does not always match the numbers assigned to courses at GCC. The Arizona Course Equivalence Guide (or CEG) will allow you to determine which GCC courses are equivalent to those listed on the university degree checklists. For most students, following the AS checklist, should help you select courses that align with the lower division (100, 200-level) requirements at the university.

The Maricopa-ASU Partnership Program (MAPP) provides more detailed guidelines for ASU transfer students in some biology-related majors.

If you are planning to transfer to a private college or university or out-of-state, it is always wise to research their degree requirements as early as possible in your college career. GCC courses generally transfer without any problem; however, you want to be sure that the courses not only transfer but also meet requirements for your specific program.

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