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Tech Check

Dealing with technology always requires a degree of flexibility and troubleshooting.  Aside from the personal learning skills that will lead to your success, some courses may test your technical skills. 

Recommended Basic Technical Skills

  • Ability to type approximately 30 words per minute.
  • Understanding of basic file management, including the ability to create, save, move, and copy word processing documents.
  • Knowledge of basic Internet navigation using a standard Web browser.
    • Enter URL (web address) in address bar.
    • Navigate web pages and web sites (buttons, tabs, hyperlinks).
    • Use browser’s Back and Forward buttons.
    • Print a web page.
    • Enter username and password when prompted.
    • View files requiring plug-ins (.pdf, .mov, .swf).
    • Download files.
  • Knowledge of basic email operations
    • Compose and Send email.
    • Reply to, Delete and Print Messages.
    • Attach files.
    • Open Attachments from known sources.
    • Save attached files to intended location.
    • Knowledge of Email netiquette

Equipment requirements

  • Regular access to a computer connected to the Internet (high speed access recommended)
  • Speakers or headphones
  • A printer to print course documents and notes (optional, but recommended)
  • microphone or webcam (optional)

Software Requirements

  • Internet browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox**,Chrome Safari, etc). 
  • Adobe Reader
  • A word processing application (Word, Word Perfect, Open Office) capable of saving a file.
  • GoogleDocs - used for sharing of online documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Other course specific software -- see your instructor.

Other useful software

Adobe Acrobat Reader (for PDF files) Download
Quicktime digital media player Download
RealPlayer digital media player Download
Macromedia Shockwave Player Download
Windows Media Player Download
PowerPoint 2007 Viewer Download
Word 2007 Viewer Download