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View Online Schedule: From www.gc.maricopa.edu, click on CLASS SCHEDULE. Search EMT. EMT200 is a 32 hour refresher that meets National Registry requirements and the 2009 NEMSES. EMT200AA is a one day refresher challenge course that meets AZ requirements only. EMT200AA does NOT meet the 2009 NEMSES.


Schedule / Syllabus:
EMT200 Refresher Syllabus and Schedule
EMT200AA Refresher Challenge Syllabus


Skill Sheets:

Skill Sheets


Practice Test:
Practice Test


Recertification Instructions:
Completion Letter / Recertification Instructions

NREMT Skills Verification Form (Program Director signature required)


Preparing for the NREMT Computer Adaptive Test
Preparing for the NREMT exam

If you will be taking the NREMT computer adaptive test and have questions,
contact Dr. Coughlin at chris.coughlin@gcmail.maricopa.edu.

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