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Text FYRE - First Year Residential Experience

What is FYRE?
FYRE is a special program that consists of one meeting per month, an online discussion area and mentoring support. FYRE is for faculty who have been hired for a tenure track position (a residential position not a one year only or one semester only contract).

Why attend or participate in FYRE?
When faculty are hired they bring a wide variety of experiences to the college. Some new residential faculty have had years of experience as an adjunct or even a OSO or OYO. Some new faculty may wonder if they are going to learn anything new from the FYRE experience. Additionally, one's first year as a new residential faculty is a very busy year. It is common for new faculty to wonder if they should attend and participate in FYRE.

From the previous experiences of FYRE participants the answer is a definite YES. Read the following comments from just two of last year's participants.

"The FYRE program has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. I never could have learned what I learned this year without this experience."

"I am becoming increasingly grateful for these meetings. Each meeting we have, I come back with a folder of information that I stick in my FYRE folder. These meetings expose us to information that we would have to work very hard to find otherwise. I particularly like getting to know and talk with the important administrators on campus. I think this is an excellent program for new faculty."

When are the FYRE meetings (and other FYRE events)?
2013-14 FYRE Schedule

What are the requirements to successfully complete the FYRE program?
In order to graduate from FYRE new faculty must attend 75% or more of the meetings and participate every month in the FYRE discussion group.

What are Flames and what do they do?
Read this Word document

What is the FYRE discussion area and how do I read and post to it?
FYRE uses Canvas for discussions about teaching and learning. If you want to participate in these discussions, send an email that includes your MEID to

What if I have other questions or concerns?
If you have any question about FYRE please email Tim Sylvester at:


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