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GCC Class Modification Request

Use this form when requesting to move a class temporarily, into a room other than what was normally scheduled. For activity occurring outside normal class time, e.g. supplemental instruction, review session, open lab, etc., please submit your request through 25Live.

General Infomation
Date of Request: 12/22/14
Requested by:
Requestor's eMail:
Course: (e.g. ENG101)
Class Number: (e.g. 12345)
Number of Students Enrolled:
Date Information
Start Time:   End Time:  
First Date:
Repeat Dates: (If Needed)   Enter extra dates (e.g. MM/DD/YYYY)
Space Preference
Specific Space:  
Any Regular Lecture Classroom
Any Science Lab
Any Computer Lab
   eGCC required
   Internet access only required
Requestor Comments:

If this is a request to move the class permanently, we will respond with available spaces, but no reservations will be made without a CMS from the department chair or secretary.

Please contact Media Services at 5-3119, for assistance with unlocking the instructor workstation.