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Fire Science

Program Description

The Fire Science Program at Glendale Community College prepares the student primarily for a career in the fire service, although the program would enhance one's performance in safety education, arson investigation and related careers.

Greater Phoenix is one of the fastest growing cities in the "Sun Belt" and the need for firefighters will increase in direct proportion to the total population. Although competition is heavy for available positions, the applicant with a Fire Science background has a significant advantage over those without training. A degree in Fire Science does not, however, guarantee employment. Persons already employed as firefighters can expect the attainment of the degree to be an asset when seeking promotion within a fire department or district.


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Students learn by participating in actual 'fire burn' exercises.

Division Chair
Department Chair
Raul Muniz - 623.845.4776
Doug DeSanti - 623.845.3832
For Fire Academy information and registration, contact Edward Muller:
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