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$81 per credit hour
If you haven't registered during the current semester, there is a $15 registration fee
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NOTE: If you are registering for a LEO class you should either call the number listed below or register in person at GCC. Online registration will be difficult because these classes are restricted to Law Enforcement Personnel requiring proof of eligibility.

Registration: (623) 845-3333

Criminal Investigations Certificate Program LEO281AA through AG

Also known as “The Detective School” by some agencies.  These are the courses required by some valley agencies for officers to test for Investigations.  All courses have been approved as to form for POST continuing training credit.

A college "certificate of completion program" is a special classification which denotes a specifically designed group of classes to allow the participant to attain a CERTIFICATE attesting to their completed studies.

The Investigations Certificate Program consists of 7 classes. When an officer has completed all seven classes, they then apply for the certificate through the Registrar’s office.

Criminal Investigations I (LEO 281AA) (1 Credit Hour) (16 contact hours)
General Investigations

Crime Scene Responsibilities
Property Crimes
Sex Crimes
Death Investigations
Questioned Documents
Investigative Resources
Case Management
Basic Internet Search Techniques

Instructors:  Det. Bruce Foremny | Rob Hawkins | John Bustoz

Criminal Investigations II (LEO 281AB) (1 Credit Hour) (16 contact hours)
Search & Seizure

Categories of Searches
Probable Cause
Reasonable Suspicion
Burden of Proof
Searches Falling Outside the Scope of the Fourth Amendment
Drafting and Execution of Search Warrants

Instructor: Det. Rob Hawkins | Glendale Police Department (Retired)

Criminal Investigations III (LEO 281AC) (1 Credit Hour) (16 contact hours)
Interview and Interrogation

Legal Aspects of Interview and Interrogation
Interview Techniques
Confessions and Interrogations
Interviewing Children

Instructors: Dep. Co. Attny. Shane Krauser | Det. Rob Hawkins

Criminal Investigations IV (LEO 281AD) (1 Credit Hour) (16 contact hours)
Report Writing

Pre-Report Preparation
Composing the Body of the Report
Assembling the Case
Submission for Complaint
County/City Turndowns
City/County Furthers

Instructor: Ofc. James Maish (Ret.) | Phoenix Police Department

Criminal Investigations V (LEO 281AE) (1/2 Credit Hour) (8 contact hours)
Courtroom Preparation and Testimony

Courtroom Preparation
Common Errors

Instructor: Dep. Co. Attny. Shane Krauser

Criminal Investigations VI  (LEO 281AF) (1/2 Credit Hour) (8 contact hours)
Electronic Evidence

Identifying, handling and data recovery

Instructor: Sgt. Jerry Barker | Phoenix Police Department

Criminal Investigations VII (LEO 281AG) (1 Credit Hour) (16 contact hours)
Conclusion & Scenario Based Evaluation

Field Problems - Crime Scene Scenarios
Case Presentation
Crime Scene Evidence
Search Warrant
Crime Scene Diagram
Supplemental Paperwork
Laboratory Analysis Attachments

Instructors: Det. Bruce Foremny | Det. Rob Hawkins | Det. John Bustoz

Class format: Normally offered in 6 consecutive weeks.

Spring Semester: Wednesday & Thursday, 8AM - 5PM

Fall Semester: Tuesday & Wednesday, 8AM-5PM

Costs: In addition to tuition, there is a $5 course fee for each class to cover books. There is also a $15 registration fee if you are not currently enrolled at GCC.

Class Requirements: Must be a certified peace officer or employee of a law enforcement agency (I.D. will be checked on first day of class) or permission of the instructor.

Class Location: Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center, 11550 W. Glendale Ave. (2 miles west of the Loop 101)


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Office telephone: (623) 845-3951 or (623) 845-3831
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