Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board

Policy and Procedures



DATE:            July 01, 2006


I           PURPOSE

This policy establishes guidelines for ensuring open enrollee competency for appointment as a peace officer.

II.          POLICY

The Arizona POST Peace Officer Basic Training Course was designed to be augmented and reinforced by immediate on-the-job training as a peace officer. Upon graduation, open enrollee cadets undergo the same testing and qualification procedures required of appointed cadets. If the open enrollee applicant is not appointed as a peace officer within a reasonable amount of time after graduation, the critical skills and knowledge possessed at the time of graduation will deteriorate. Because the critical skills and information taught during the basic training course erode quickly if not utilized in the workplace, it is necessary that open enrollee applicants demonstrate current knowledge and proficiency in the POST Peace Officer Basic Training Course.


A.        Prior to graduating from an academy, open enrollee cadets will complete the POST Comprehensive Final Examination (CFE), as well as other evaluations required of any cadet.

B.       The open enrollee may seek appointment for a nine month period after graduation without being required to make an additional showing of competency.

C.       After nine months from the date of graduation, the open enrollee shall be required to pass the full CFE, all components of firearms qualification, emergency and pursuit driving, and the POPAT before being appointed.

D.        If not appointed within three years after graduation, open enrollee applicants will be required to repeat the full POST Peace Officer Basic Training Course at an academy.