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$81 per credit hour
If you haven't registered during the current semester, there is a $15 registration fee
View the web page for the class to get student equipment requirements

NOTE: If you are registering for a LEO class you should either call the number listed below or register in person at GCC. Online registration will be difficult because these classes are restricted to Law Enforcement Personnel requiring proof of eligibility.

Registration: (623) 845-3333

Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA)

The Arizona DPS Concealed Weapons Permit section has been given the authority to issue credentials attesting that an officer has met the requirements of the federal LEOSA. GCC is pleased to offer this service as a tribute to our retired officers. Instructors volunteer their time.

You will need to qualify (min. score of 210 of 250 pts.) on the 50 round AzPOST firearms qualification course (you must supply your own firearm, gear and ammo), and pass three judgmental shooting scenarios.  You must use the TYPE of firearm you intend to carry in the qualification (Auto or Revolver).  You will be allowed to fire twice -- either to shoot a revolver and an automatic -- in case you do not qualify the first time. 

Note:  Please practice prior to coming to the range if you have not fired recently.  The AzPOST course is easy, but apparently not easy enough for some.  We have had a problem with people not being prepared (speed loaders, holsters, etc.)  See the course of fire here:  AzPOST Course

Note:  Because this is a non-credit course, to get a refund, you MUST drop the class by the last business day prior to the class by contacting registration at 623.845.3333. Otherwise, there is NO REFUND.

The college will supply the application form properly signed by the instructor indicating that you passed the qualification process.  You will then need to send the application, DPS required fees ($20), and the agency letter required by DPS to the DPS.

Letter info from their web site:

Cost:  The college charges $10 to pay for supplies. This also ensures that students are covered by the college liability insurance and the use of the range.

Range:  The Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center is located at 11550 W. Glendale Ave. (2 miles west of the Loop 101 on W. Glendale Ave.) As this is a secured public safety training facility, you will need to meet the instructor at the drive-through gate located west of the main building. (Pull into the parking lot and follow the roads west through the parking lot to the road that leads to the gate of the facility.) Meet the instructor at the gate no later than 10 minutes prior to the shoot time. Also, due to liability, you MUST be registered with the college prior to shoot day to participate.

The following shoots are scheduled at the Glendale range: (10am-12pm)

January 4 Section 41218 (Spring) July 5 Section 17961 (Summer)
February 8 Section 41344 (Spring) August 2 Section 39403 (Fall)
March 8 Section 41358 (Spring) September 6 Section 39404 (Fall)
April 5 Section 41360 (Spring) October 4 Section 39402 (Fall)
May 3 Section 41359 (Spring) November 1 Section 39405 (Fall)
June 7 Section 17960 (Summer) December 6 Section 39406 (Fall)

To register, call 623.845.3333 and register for class WRKDEV and the listed section number.


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