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Open Enrollment Process

OE Process

1.  You will need to obtain the required forms to start your background investigation.  You may print the needed documents from the web as noted below.  You will need the following documents:

A.     GCC Law Enforcement Training Academy Application Instructions.  Download here

B.     GCC background questionnaire.  Download here

C.     GCC Background Disclosure & Release Authorization.  Download here

D.     GCC Credit Disclosure & Release Authorization.  Download here

E.     AzPOST Statement of Personal History and Application for Open Enrollment (Form PHOE).  Download from the AzPOST web site. All forms are located under "Agency Forms."

F.     AzPOST Medical History Questionnaire (Form MH).  Download from the AzPOST web site.

G.     AzPOST Medical Examination Report (Form ME).  Download from the AzPOST web site.

H.     AzPOST Peace Officer Physical Aptitude Test Consent Form (Form PC).  Download from the AzPOST web site.

2.  Once you have completed the AzPOST and GCC background packets and have the original and copies of the required documents, you will need to contact the background investigator to make an appointment. You will meet with the investigator and be interviewed.

The GCC and AzPOST background packets are very complex and you need to make and retain copies of these for your files, as this information will be requested by any agency interested in hiring you! 

3.  Once the background investigator is satisfied that you are a viable candidate, you will be put in contact with the polygraph examiner (lie detector test).  You will make an appointment with him/her and post a retainer fee as you did with the background investigator.  You will then take the polygraph and the results will be sent to the background investigator.

4.  If the polygraph looks favorable, the background investigator will put you in contact with a medical facility with AzPOST certified physicians for your medical exam.  Those results are also sent to the background investigator.

5.  When you pass the background, polygraph and medical, your packet will be forwarded to the Academy Director for review. Once this review is completed, you will be contacted.



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