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Phoenix Police Reserve Officer Academy


The Phoenix Police Department (PPD) is one of the few agencies that completely supports their Reserve Officer training by paying all tuition fees and supplying most of the equipment needed by the cadet. The Glendale Community College is proud to have partnered with the agency to assist them in their goal of training new cadets.

PPD selects the instructors and has appointed a full-time training officer to manage the day-to-day activities of the classes. The classes are held at the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (ALEA), 10001 S. 15th Ave., meeting two nights a week (6PM-10PM) and then all day Saturday.

This class is mainly for Reserve Officers, but the certification is the same as that for any other officer in Arizona. Some of the encouraging remarks heard from PPD Reserves describe how the career officers interact with them as they do with any other officer. Reserves wear the same uniform, operate the same equipment and respond to the same calls as other officers. The only difference is the "R" prefix on their badge number.

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Email the Program Director at
Office: (623) 845-3951 or (623) 845-3831
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