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OSX user quick guides
taking a picture of your screen
Press these keys: To do this:
Shift + + 3 Create a picture file of the entire screen in PDF (Acrobat) format You will find your picture file on your desktop labeled Picture 1. Each time you press Shift + + 3 an additional file, called Picture 2, Picture 3, etc. is created on your desktop.
Shift + + 4 Create a picture file of a rectangular section of the screen. (After pressing and releasing the key combination, MAC OSX presents you with crosshairs you can use to select whatever portion of your display you'd like to capture. Picture 1 appears on your desktop as usual.)
Shift + + 4 then Spacebar Create a picture file of a window. Immediately hit the spacebar after typing Command-Shift-4. Instead of crosshairs, you'll see a little camera. Move the camera around to highlight the Dock, the menu bar, the desktop, or any open window. Then just click the mouse button to "snap" a picture. You can entirely eliminate the desktop when you capture a screen shot of an individual window.
A plus sign (+) means key are held down together.
***Note: To copy a section of the screen or a window to the Clipboard instead of saving it as a file, press the Control key as you select the part of the screen or window.
Print screens will appear on your desktop as .pdf files. For the ease of editing, you can export your picture files as a jpg.
Double click on the picture you want to export.
From the Preview File Menu select Export.
An export dialog box will appear. The .jpg option is the default setting.
Name your picture.

Click Save.