You can receive e-mail or RSS alerts through EBSCOhost when a new edition of a journal has been published. The alert will show you the table of contents and a brief description of the articles. It is a good way to keep current in the field in any areas of research that interest you.

  1. To sign up, go to and find the journal you are interested in. Click the link associated with the database to access the journal record. If the journal is not available through an EBSCOhost-provided database, you cannot receive an alert.

  2. In the blue Publications bar above the journal information, scroll to the right and select the “Alert/Save/Share” link. Select either an E-mail Alert or an RSS feed. If you want to receive an e-mail, you need to have an EBSCOhost account, which you can create for free by following the Sign In link.


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