In addition to sending e-mails to your class through Blackboard, you also can use your Course Distribution List.

What is a Course Distribution List?

Course distribution lists (DLs) are available for instructors to email an entire class.  The DLs is automatically created for each active course and maintained to include only enrolled students.  The course DLs follow the naming convention of Blackboard courses:

  • (example:

Who can use the course DLs?

The instructor of record for each course has access to the course DL.  For security purposes, only MCCCD or campus issued employee email addresses (local Exchange, etc.) can send to the course DLs.  Personal email addresses or student Google email addresses will not be able to send or reply to the DLs.  This prevents the DLs from being spammed or abused by unauthorized users of the DLs. 

How do I use a course DL?

To compose an email using the DLs, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Memo account or your campus issued employee email system (local Exchange, etc.)
  2. Select compose through your email client
  3. In the “To:” line for your email add  your course information in the following format: (example:
  4. Compose your email and send to your class

How are replies to DL emails handled?

When a student replies to an email that was sent to the course DLs, only the instructor/sender of that email will receive the reply, even if “Reply All” was selected.  This allows the instructor control of what is sent out to the members of the DL.

When will the course DLs be inactive?

The course DLs will remain active and visible in the address book until there are no more students enrolled in the course.  Students will be dropped from the course DL after they have received a grade or they drop the class.  Students with an “Incomplete” grade will stay in the course DL until they receive a grade for the class.

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