GCC Psychology offers two PSY290 Research Methods classes each semester, human-model where students participate in the experiments, and animal-model where Long-Evans rats are the subjects. We highly value the participation of both our student volunteers and our rat subjects without whom psychological research could not be conducted.

Participating in a research study is a great way to see first-hand how psychological research is conducted, and to learn about the topic under investigation. There are three ways for you to become involved in psychological research.

  • Enroll in PSY290 Research Methods: To learn more about the class contact any of the instructors, Dr. Julie Morrison (human research fall and spring on the Main campus), Dr. Lesley Schimanski (animal research fall and spring on the Main campus), or Dr. Ladonna Lewis (human research spring on the North campus). To search for class times, see the GCC Class Schedule. To register, log on to
  • Participate On Campus: The Research Methods students conduct their research in classes across campus. You may have the opportunity to participate in one or more of the projects. Occasionally, we conduct research online. If you are invited, we hope you participate.
  • Participate Online: Many researchers from other colleges and universities offer online studies. Below is a list of sites where you can find the study that interests you.

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